Star Sales Manager for Android Tablet

Sales CRM with Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Quotes, Orders, Products, Cases, Tasks & Appointments. Splendid Tracking options, Reminder, Utilities & many more.
Business & Professional,Personal Productivity
Works with all Android Tablet

Star Sales Manager is a Comprehensive Sales Management (Sales CRM) Software. Fully Loaded Sales CRM with Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Quotes, Orders, Products, Cases, Tasks & Appointments. Splendid Tracking Methods with Date, Name, Priority and Relationship Tracking Options. Automatic Reminder Notification, Call/SMS/E-Mail Utilities and many more. A complete Sales Management utility.
Star Sales Manager:
Star Sales Manager contains the following modules under which various details related to sales can be tracked:
  • Account Manager
  • Contact Manager
  • Lead Manager
  • Opportunity Manager
  • Quote Manager
  • Order Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Case Manager
  • Task Manager
  • Calendar (Appointment/Meeting/Call Manager)
  • Team & Member Manager
  • Category & Industry List

  • The modules mentioned above tracks various details related to sales.
  • Any number of details can be added.
  • Options are provided for editing/deleting/viewing the details with respect to various modules.
  • Call/SMS/E-Mail Utilities are available in every module.
  • Various tracking methods which includes Date, Name, Priority and Relationship Tracking.
  • Details of all entries can be tracked and viewed in Report format.
    Account Manager:
    Manage Accounts with Revenue, Ownership, Employee, Contact, Billing and Shipping details.

    Contact Manager:
    Manage Contacts with Leads, Birthday, Basic contact details, Primary and Secondary address.

    Lead Manager:
    Manage Leads with Lead Source, Basic contact details, Department, Primary and Secondary address.

    Opportunity Manager:
    Manage Opportunities with Type, Source, Close Date, Probability and Sales Stage.

    Quote Manager:
    Manage Quotes with Products, Shipping Charges, Stage, Validity, Tax, Billing and Shipping address.

    Order Manager:
    Manage Orders with Purchase details, Status, Support details, Tax & Price details, Manufacturer details, Billing and Shipping address.

    Product Manager:
    Manage Products with Quantity, Price, Manufacturer, Basic contact and Address details.

    Case Manager:
    Manage Cases with Priority, Status and Resolution details.

    Task Manager:
    Manage Tasks with Start Date, Due Date, Priority, Activity Types and Activities.

    Calendar (Appointments/Meetings/Calls):
    Manage Appointments, Meetings and Calls.

    Teams & Members:
    Manage Teams and Member details, which are used in all the modules.

    Category & Industry List:
    Manage Category and Industry details, which are used in Products and Accounts modules respectively.
    Reminder Details:
    Reminder options provides reminders of key dates which include:
    • Contact - Birthday
    • Opportunity - Expected Close Date
    • Quote - Validity Date
    • Order - Support End Date
    • Task - Due Date
    • Appointment/Meeting/Call Date
    Reminders are executed and notified automatically with attractive icons and respective details.
    Options are available to Call Phone, Call Mobile, Send SMS/MMS, Send E-Mail according to the data saved in each module.

    Key Features:
  • Professional User Interface.
  • Comprehensive Sales CRM.
  • Finest Tracking Options.
  • Automatic Reminder Notifications.
  • Call, SMS/MMS, Mail Utilities.
    Manage Your Business Professionally

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