Star Home Inventory + Free Desktop Companion

Ultimate Inventory Management Software with Desktop Companion, Exports with Data Backup & Restore, Splendid Search option, Categorized view, Pleasant Icons, Reminders and more.
Pocket PC
Personal Productivity,Entertainment
Any Pocket PC Device, Windows 98 & above for Desktop Companion

Star Home Inventory is a Comprehensive Inventory Management Software for Pocket PC. Categories are provided to track the inventories more effectively. HTML/Word/CSV Exports with Desktop Backups. Data can be backed up and restored to and from desktop using Backup & Restore option. Indomitable Search & Sorting options. A Complete Home & Business Utility for every Pocket PC User.
Works with Pocket PC 2000/2002/2003/2003 SE/Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0 Devices

Star Home Inventory - Desktop Version

Star Home Inventory for Desktop version is a comprehensive Inventory management software for Desktop PC. It helps you to store your inventory details in your Desktop version of the software and synchronize it with your Pocket PC version. Data can also be transferred from Pocket PC version of the software to Desktop version of the software. This helps you to be more flexible with the use of the software. It also helps you to save time by not permitting the repeated entry of data.

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Inventory Details:
  • Any number of Inventory Details can be added.
  • All the necessary details of an inventory such as Basic, Purchase, Warranty & Other details are covered.
  • More than 100 pleasant icons are provided to enhance viewing.
  • Novel way of browsing your options through a Pop-up Menu.
  • Easy User-Interface.
  • Simple way to Edit and Delete the Inventories.
  • Inventories can be tracked both by categories and letters.

  • Categories:
  • Inventories can be categorized with respect to categories.
  • Any number of categories can be added, deleted and modified.
  • 45 Categories under various types are given as default.
  • Search of Inventories can also be done with respect to categories.

  • Search:
  • Search option can be performed just by typing Starting Letter, Word, Name etc. in the Search Box.
  • Search can also be done with respect to categories.
  • Every options that can be performed normally can be performed after search operation.
  • No Tapping / Just Typing.

  • HTML/Word/CSV Exports:
    Details of an inventory can be exported individually to HTML/Word/CSV Formats using a simple browser.
  • Instant viewing of HTML/Word files after exporting.
  • Exported data can be backed up to the desktop.
  • Exported details can be stored anywhere in the Pocket PC.
  • Pleasant HTML Presentation.
  • Well-Structured Text File.
  • Perfectly Organized CSV Report.

  • Data Backup and Restore:
  • All the "Star Home Inventory" data including categories can be backed up and restored.
  • Data can be backed-up under various profiles.
  • Easiest way to backup and restore.
  • Backed-up data can be moved back to desktop and restored.
  • Detailed Backup and Restore procedure are provided in the manual.

  • View Desktop Companion Backup/Restore ScreenShot

    Reminder options provides reminders of warranty dates for all the inventory details. Reminders are provided at the startup. Reminders can be activated any time during the use of Star Home Inventory.
    Key Features:
  • Professionally and Newly designed user-interface that speeds up Data Entry and Easy Viewing.
  • Finest Search option.
  • Inventories can be categorized according to their respective categories.
  • Reminders at startup.
  • Export Facility with Desktop Backup.
  • Splendid Data Backup and Restore option.
  • Inventory details can be stored under various categories.
  • Any number of new categories can be added.
  • More than 100 Pleasing Icons to improve the Presentation.
  • Novel way of browsing the options using a Pop-up Menu.
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