My Passwords for Palm OS

Tracks Passwords/Confidential details in 128-bit encrypted format. Professionally Designed User-Interface. Master Password at the Startup to ensure security. A Must have utility.
Palm OS
Security,Personal Productivity
Works with all Palm Powered Devices

Passwords provides the best place to store your Secret details such as Passwords, Personal Identification Numbers, Credit Cards etc. in a 128-bit encrypted format. A Must have utility for every Palm user.
  • Any number of Categories can be added with user's choice.
  • Easy User-Interface.
  • Simple way to Edit and Delete the Categories.
  • Any number of Secret Details can be added within a category.
  • Every detail under a category is stored in 128-bit encrypted format.
  • Details Notes are provided for each entry.
  • Every Password details of a category can be viewed in a Single Report Page with all details.
  • Easiest way to add details from any page.
  • Great options for Editing and Deleting.
    Master Password:
  • Master Password is provided at the startup to ensure security.
  • Other Password details cannot be viewed without entering the Master Password.
  • Master Password can be changed anytime after entering into the software.
  • 128-bit encryption is done while storing Master Password.
    Key Feautures:
  • Professionally and Newly designed user-interface that speeds up Data Entry and Easy Viewing.
  • Protects you from forgetting your Secret details.
  • Adds Safety to your confidential details.
  • No one can view the details except you.
  • 128-bit Encrypted Storage.
  • Master Password is provided at the Startup to ensure security.
    Passwords makes you feel safe.
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