Finance Manager for SmartPhone

A Complete Finance Management tool with Desktop Backup. Includes Currency Converter, Loan Calculator, 4 other utilities & 2 calculators. Backup and restore Options are provided.
Finance,Business & Professional
Works with all Windows based SmartPhone Devices(2002/2003/2003 SE/Windows Mobile 5.0 Devices)

Finance Manager is a Comprehensive Finance Management Software for Smartphone. Finance Manager contains various modules, which includes Bank Account Manager, Credit Card Manager, Investment Manager, Loan Manager, Currency Converter, Loan Calculator, Stock Price Calculator and Sales Tax Calculator. The Information are backuped using the backup options and can be restored later using the restore options.
Bank Account Manager:
Bank Account Manager tracks your bank accounts with account, branch, atm and every other essential details. Add any number of bank account details with Edit/Delete/View Options.
Credit Card Manager:
Credit Card Manager tracks your Credit Cards with Security options, Expiry Date and all other essential details. Add any number of credit card details with Edit/Delete/View Options.
Investment Manager:
Investment Manager tracks your investments with price, symbol, market and all other essential details. Add any number of investment details with Edit/Delete/View Options.
Loan Manager:
Loan Manager tracks your loans with duedate, assets, interest rate, term and all other essential details. Add any number of loan details with Edit/Delete/View Options.
Currency Converter:
Currency Converter contains both Single and Multiple Currency Conveter. Single Currency Converter converts values of one currency to another selected currency. Multiple Currency Converter converts values of one currency to many other currencies. Add any number of currencies. Attractive options for currency updation and deletion. Indomitable Search option for Currency list and Multiple Currency Converter.

  • Automatic Calculation
  • Attractive Search option
  • Accurate Conversions
  • Customizable Number Keys
  • Professional User-Interface
    Loan Calculator:
    Loan Calculator contains 4 Following Modules:

  • EMI Calculator
  • Amount Calculator
  • Duration Calculator
  • Amortization Table
    Stock Price Calculator:
    Figures out the Profit/Loss Amount in your Stock Market Trade.
    Sales Tax Calculator:
    Accumulates your valuable money in a most simple way.
    A Perfect Financial Assistant for You

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