Concrete Calculator for Android Tablet

88 Calculators and Converters related to Concrete and Construction. Available in both Metric and Imperial Units with Formulas. Automatic Calculation with Accurate Conversion.
Works with all Android Tablet

Concrete Calculator contains 88 Calculators and Converters, that can quickly and easily calculate and convert different Concrete and Civil Engineering parameters. Automatic & Accurate Calculations and Conversions with every Unit and Value Changes. Available in Imperial and Metric Units. Most Comprehensive Concrete Calculator.

Available in Metric and Imperial Units

Universal Concrete Calculator contains following 56 Calculators:

  • Water/Cementitious Materials Ratio
  • Job Mix Concrete Volume
  • Modulus of Elasticity
  • Tensile Strength

  • Compressive Stress - Beam
  • Stress in Reinforcement - Beam
  • Cross-sectional Area of Tensile Reinforcing - Beam
  • Cross-sectional Area of Compressive Reinforcing - Beam

  • Stress - Extreme Fiber of Concrete
  • Stress - Compressive Reinforcing Steel
  • Stress - Tensile Reinforcing Steel
  • Shear and Diagonal Tension

  • Cross-sectional Area - Stirrup
  • Bond Stress on surface of bar - Beam
  • Total Allowable Axial Load - Column
  • Spiral Reinforcing (Ratio of Spiral Volume to Concrete-core Volume)
  • Long-Column Load Reduction Factor (Fixed Ends)

  • Maximum Permissible Eccentricity (Spiral Columns)
  • Maximum Permissible Eccentricity (Tied Columns)
  • Bending Load (Spiral Columns)
  • Bending Load (Tied Columns)

  • Moment at Balanced Condition
  • Compressive Strength of Concrete (S28) (W.A.Slater)
  • Tensile Strength (Higher Strength Concretes)
  • Tensile Strength (Lower Strength Concretes)
  • Tension Development Length (No.11 and Smaller bars)
  • Tension Development Length (No.14)
  • Tension Development Length (No.18)
  • Tension Development Length (Deformed Wire)
  • Compression Development Length
  • Crack Widths (Crack Control Limit)

  • Ultimate Strength (Without Wind and Earthquake Load)
  • Ultimate Strength (With Wind Load)
  • Ultimate Strength (With Earthquake Load)

  • Effective Moment of Inertia
  • Cracking Moment
  • Distance from Extreme Compression (Rectangular Beam)
  • Steel Ratio

  • Bending Moment Capacity - Underreinforced Beam
  • Ultimate Shear Capacity - Beam
  • Development Length (Hooked Bar)
  • Nominal Unit Shear Stress
  • Distance from Extreme Compression (I and T Beams)
  • Development Length (Tensile Reinforcement)
  • Modular Ratio

  • Bending Moment Capacity - Rectangular Beam
  • Total Compression - Beam Cross Section
  • Slab Thickness
  • Flexural Stiffness Ratio of Beam Section and Width of Slab
  • Volume of Spiral Steel and Concrete Core Ratio

  • Shear Friction Reinforcement Area
  • Coefficient of Sliding Friction
  • Vertical Shear Reinforcement/Gross Concrete Area Ratio of Wall
  • Total End Shear (Counterfort)
  • Axial Capacity of Wall
  • Nominal Shear Stress on Wall
    Universal Concrete Calculator contains following 32 Converters:

  • Acceleration
  • Angle
  • Area
  • Density
  • Energy/Work
  • Flow Rate (Mass)
  • Flow Rate (Volume)
  • Fluid
  • Force
  • Frequency
  • Hardness
  • Length
  • Mass
  • Metric Weight
  • Metrology
  • Moment of Force
  • Moment of Inertia
  • Prefixes
  • Pressure
  • Radiation
  • Specific Heat Capacity
  • Specific Volume
  • Temperature
  • Thermal Conductivity
  • Thermal Expansion
  • Time
  • Torque
  • Velocity
  • Viscosity (Dynamic)
  • Viscosity (Oil & Water)
  • Viscosity (Kinematic)
  • Volume
    Key Features:
  • Complete coverage of calculators and converters in Civil Engineering and Concrete Parameters.
  • Automatic Calculation & Conversion of the Output with respect to changes in the Input/Options/Units.
  • Formulas are provided for each calculator.
  • Values of Higher Order can also be calculated.
  • Extremely Accurate Calculations and Conversions.
  • Professionally and Newly designed user-interface that speeds up Data Entry, Easy Viewing and Calculation Speed.
    Most Comprehensive Concrete Calculator

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